Fluger API

Fluger offers a range of API (Application Programming Interface). 

For access to the Fluger API, an active Fluger Partnership Account is required. To apply for a partnership account please email support@fluger.com.au.

When you have a Fluger Partnership Account  you will be issued a secure key (FPK) that is used for authentication only. You will also be issued a Fluger Partnership ID (FID) code. Your ID code will be needed to accompany all API calls.

Production End Point: https://api.fluger.io

Sandbox End Point: https://sandbox.fluger.io


Fluger uses OAuth 2.0 for all API authentication. Each successful authentication request will return an active authentication token. Each token is active for 12 hours only and can be used to post unlimited API calls within the active 12 hour period. 

API End Point: https://api.fluger.io/authentication

Data Type: POST

POST Data: { fpk: 9f86d081884c7d659a2feaa0c55ad015a3bf4f1b2b0b822cd15d6c15b0f00a08, fid: a0533faed740d81565094e7f5341fb239d309039 }

Return Data: { auth: 3de1d73a19c7590ee66398a17e93bd67, exp: 1676936460, status : OK }

Return Data Types

auth = MD5 Hash key must be used to authenticate any future transactions.

exp = UNIX time stamp of the expire date for this authentication request.

Request Vaccine History by Medicare and IRN

This API allows access to the Fluger A.I.R interface. This API will return a live data stream from the Australian Immunisation Register.

API End Point: https://api.fluger.io/airhistory

Data Type: POST

POST Data: { fid: a0533faed740d81565094e7f5341fb239d309039, auth: 3de1d73a19c7590ee66398a17e93bd67, medicare: 1234567890, irn: 1, surname: Smith, name: John , dob: 2021-01-01 }

Sample Return Data: { id: 8ad65b519320e48c3cf9dba71bd5db4d, medicare: 1234567890, irn: 1, status: ok ,history:{dateofservice : 2021-01-01, vaccinecode : HBV, vaccinedose : V } }

Return Data Types


status =

medicare = 

irn = 

history = 

Record Vaccine

Checking Medicare Validation

Transaction Update


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