Fluger First

Fluger First (Aust.), Not just a Pharmacy Booking System. 
Simplify Bookings, Win and Retain Customers. 

Fluger is a professional booking platform developed from the ground up for pharmacies.

Fluger First’s patient management system delivers patient data to your finger tips when you need it.

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Whats included?

The Fluger First platform has been build specifically for use in Australian Pharmacies. We pride ourselves on making your life easier, and we know you will love using Fluger.

So what can Fluger do? Fluger combines our industry best booking system, patient management system and product management system all into one easy to use platform.

  • Fully Customised Online Booking System
  • Patient management System
  • National Immunisation Program Vaccinations in Pharmacy (NIPVIP)
  • Fully Customised Electronic Consent
  • Fully Customised Patient Data Capture
  • Fully Customised In-store Services
  • MedView Flow Integration
  • Automated Australian Immunisation Register:
    • Uploads
    • Vaccine History
    • Data Validation
  • Unlimited Free SMS and Email Reminders
  • Patient Vaccination Records
  • Built-in Targeted Patient Marketing
  • In-store Booking QR Codes
  • Easy-to-use iPads loaded with Fluger for each store
  • Easy custom reporting
  • Staff Rostering
  • Coldchain Management
  • Automated  PPA claiming  (COVID, MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck)
  • Dispense software integration
  • Built-in Vaccine Clinic Finder functionality
  • Compliant Patient management and record system

Booking System Pre Loaded With:

  • Seasonal Flu
  • Health Assessments
  • Travel Health
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Health Assessments
  • Skin Checks
  • Ear Piercings 
  • Diabetes testing
  • Family Bookings and Multiple Products
  • Unlimited Potential…….

Direct Patient Marketing:

The Fluger dashboard incorporates easy-to-use free patient marketing tools. 

Send email or SMS marketing at the store level, postcode level or nationally free of charge.

Invite patients back to store for boosters or scheduled appointments.

Patient Management System

Fluger’s patient management system offers a number of benefits to pharmacists, including:

  • Improved efficiency: Fluger can help pharmacists to improve their efficiency by making it easy to record and manage patient information. Pharmacists can spend less time searching for patient information and more time providing care to their patients.
  • Reduced errors: Fluger can help pharmacists to reduce errors by providing them with a central place to store and manage patient information. This helps to ensure that pharmacists have the most up-to-date information available when making decisions about patient care.
  • Improved patient care: Fluger can help pharmacists to improve patient care by giving them access to patient information at any time from any device with an internet connection. This allows pharmacists to provide care to their patients even when they are not in the pharmacy.

Changing Scope of Practice

The role of pharmacists is changing. Pharmacists are increasingly being called upon to provide more clinical services, such as medication counseling and disease management. Fluger can help pharmacists to support these new roles by providing them with the tools they need to manage patient information and provide care to their patients.

For example, Fluger’s patient history module can help pharmacists to:

  • Identify patients who are at risk for drug interactions: Fluger can flag patients who are at risk for drug interactions based on their medication history and other factors. This helps pharmacists to prevent drug interactions and improve patient safety.
  • Develop personalised medication regimens: Fluger can help pharmacists to develop personalised medication regimens for their patients based on their medication history, medical conditions, and other factors. This helps to improve patient adherence and outcomes.
  • Monitor patient adherence: Fluger can help pharmacists to monitor patient adherence to their medication regimens. This helps pharmacists to identify patients who may need additional support and to intervene early to prevent problems.


COVID Rapid Antigen Testing

Fluger now offers Corporate Health providers with an end to end COVID Rapid Antigen Testing (CRAT) product. Our CRAT product includes the Abbott Covid-19 Test Kit, and is backed up with our world class management and booking system.

COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace

Fluger is currently used for Covid-19 testing and vaccination. If you are a Local Council, a Medical Clinic or a mass immunisation provider, use our specialised booking system designed for your business and your patients.

Nurse/Facilitator Management

Fluger offers a complete nurse/facilitator experience, including:

  • On-boarding (HR Docs, AHPRA Registration)
  • Automated Job Allocation
  • XERO Integration (Payroll/Bills/Invoices)

Fluger Pro Software

Cold Chain Management

No one likes to log their temperature. Fluger has developed its own set and forget data logger that interfaces directly with our system. Your nurse simply logs into their portal to view temperature history. Any alerts are sent to the nurse directly via mobile and email.

No Limit Storage & History

Medical records are available to your patients at any time, even if you cancel your subscription. We are compliant to ISO27001 standards and Australia Medical Records Act. All data is stored in Australia in an IRAP accredited dedicated hosting environment.

Digital Consent Forms

When booking an appointment, collecting informed consent and patient information

Automated Free PPA Claiming

COVID Claiming

Meds Check

Diabetes Meds Check

Automated & Free AIR

Free Australian Immunisation Register history lookup and vaccination reporting

Data Ownership

Fluger is our platform, data is your data. At any time if you wish to leave Fluger, you can take all your data with you

Smart Scheduling

You’re in control. Fluger First offers a robust and flexible scheduling tool that gives you the ability to have schedules set up by room, resource or health service.

Free SMS and Email Marketing

Your Fluger subscription includes unlimited free SMS and Email Marketing.

Seamless Integration with MedView Flow

Digital Briefing

Safe and Secure

Unlike some in our industry, Fluger is ISO27001 and HIPAA certified and compliant.

Cold Chain Management Compliance

Monitoring, recording and uploading cold chain management

Marketing & Reporting

Using Fluger, your pharmacy brand can send reminders and recalls at a store level and at a head office level. Fluger offers SMS and Email marketing. You can even send messages based on a patient’s vaccination history.

Send store-specific annual reminders for vaccines or any service offered via our SMS and Email marketing gateway.

Fluger Features

Some features that we have integrated into Fluger for pharmacies are:

  • Easy SMS and Email recalls and marketing
  • Dynamic and customised reporting (store level, and national level)
  • Customised merchant facility (Prepay bookings to reduce no shows & improve cash flow)
  • Automated SMS and Email reminders
  • Multi-level administration (Head Office, Store, Patient)
  • Significantly reduce admin time

Fluger First Pricing (AUD)

Fluger First includes the following as part of your subscription: 

  • Unlimited AIR lookups and uploads (No extra fees)
  • Unlimited free SMS and Email (No extra fees)
  • Unlimited users, patients and data storage
  • Unlimited PPA claiming (No extra fees)
  • Built-in Vaccine Clinic Finder functionality*
  • No lock-in contracts, month-by-month payments, cancel at any time
  • 30 day free trial
  • Join the Fluger corporate health voucher system (referring 40,000 flu vaccines annually)
  • Patient Management Platform
  • Allied Health Referral Platform
  • Professional Service Platform
  • MedView Flow Integration
  • AU and NZ coverage
  • HICAPS Integration 2024
  • National Immunisation Program payments automation
Monthly Fee Per Store: $85.00
Per Booking Fee: $0.85
Pricing is quoted in Australian Dollars (ex GST).


Manage online bookings

Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Integration

Streamline manual administration

Increase vaccination capacity

Monitor all vaccinations to ensure vaccine safety

Up to date
AIR record

Vaccination certificate auto emailed to client on the day

phone calls

Reminders for
follow up doses

SMS and email

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