Fluger: Helping Patients Stay On Track

At Fluger, we understand that patient adherence to appointments is crucial for their well-being. Missed appointments can delay treatment and create unnecessary complications. That’s why we’re committed to providing pharmacies with the tools they need to improve patient engagementcompletely free of charge.

Free SMS Reminders: Fluger provides unlimited free SMS appointment reminders. We believe every patient deserves a gentle nudge to ensure they don’t miss their important health consultations.

More Than Just Reminders: Fluger goes beyond basic SMS. Our platform offers:

  • Automated Scheduling: Streamline your appointment booking process and reduce administrative burden.

  • Two-way Communication: Enhance patient communication with secure messaging features.

  • Detailed Patient Records: Access comprehensive patient information at your fingertips, allowing for personalized care.

Free Features, Powerful Impact

By providing free SMS reminders and a suite of user-friendly tools, Fluger empowers pharmacies to:

  • Improve Patient Outcomes: Ensure timely appointments lead to better treatment adherence and patient health.

  • Boost Efficiency: Free up valuable staff time spent on scheduling and communication.

  • Enhance Patient Satisfaction: Offer a convenient and reliable reminder system that keeps patients informed and engaged.

Ready to Simplify Your Pharmacy Workflow and Improve Patient Care?

Fluger offers a comprehensive pharmacy management solution with free SMS reminders and a wealth of features designed to streamline your operations and elevate patient care. Contact us today and discover how Fluger can transform your pharmacy!

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