Fluger Data Logger (FDL)

Better data integrity. Quality control. Time savings.

The FDL has been developed to fill a hole in the vaccination data logging market. There is a growing need for a network ready, set and forget data logger that can upload the temperature data directly to a cloud platform.

The Fluger Data Logger does all this, and once setup, requires no interaction from a nurse or facilitator. Data is synced with Fluger automatically and securely.

While there are loggers that do this, their cost is more than $250 per unit, and they do not allow syncing with your vaccine management software.


We expect that the FDL will be available for around $50.00 per month, with a minimum purchase of three months per device. This will include one free replacement, in case the FDL is lost or broken.

The FDL can be ordered by the nurse within their portal. Once ordered delivery is within 3-4 business days.


Setup takes about 3 mins. When the FDL arrives, the nurse or facilitator will need to download a small program from the Fluger website, the program will find the FDL and connect it to the WiFi. Once connected and logging data, the nurse will be notified by email and SMS of the first successful data transmission.

Once the FDL is connected to WiFi, it is ready to start sending data directly into Fluger. The temperature probe needs to be placed in the refrigerator or cooler box. Data is recorded every hour and sent to our server when recorded.


Alerts are easily programmable from within Fluger, by default, alerts are sent when the temperature is below 2 degrees celsius, and above 10 degrees celsius.

If the data logger is also not responding, an alert will also be triggered.


To use the FDL the nurse will need a WiFi enabled internet connection and a bluetooth enabled computer. Our setup software is available on both Mac and Windows.

The FDL has a 12 hour battery backup built in, however does require access to a standard power socket.

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