PPA Claiming Made Easy

PPA Claiming Made Easy

Fluger, the leading pharmacy booking company, has announced the release of their integration with Pharmacy Programs Administrator (PPA).

This release has been highly anticipated by industry leaders, as it promises to streamline the day to day process of pharmacists and improve overall efficiency in store.

The Fluger integration allows Fluger First users to automatically claim for:

  • COVID-19 Vaccination in Community Pharmacy (CVCP),
  • MedsChecks
  • Diabetes Medschecks


As the pharmacy industry continues to evolve, the importance of effective pharmacy benefit management cannot be overstated.

PPA’s services provide a valuable resource for employers and health plans looking to streamline their pharmacy benefit programs and improve patient outcomes.

Connecting PPA to your Fluger First account is simple, its a set and forget setup process.

PPA and Fluger First integration is free of change. No usage frees are charged.

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PPA Claiming Made Easy

Automatically claim PPA COVID-19 Vaccination in Community Pharmacy (CVCP), MedsCheck and Diabetes Medscheck free of charge.

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