Reduce time with Fluger Data Logger

To help reduce time spent managing and monitoring vaccinations, Fluger created the Fluger Data Logger to automatically monitor the temperatures of vaccination every minute and upload the data to a user-friendly desktop or mobile platform. This monitoring device helps improve data quality and integrity while also saving nurses time, as it can be extremely time-consuming to manually handle the temperature checks. Ensuring your vaccinations are in compliance with the National Vaccine Storage Guidelines ‘Strive for 5’ means keeping your vaccination between +2°C and +8°C to ensure clients receive effective and potent vaccines. This can be hard to manage in a busy practice, over a long weekend or even during an unexpected power outage.

Fluger Data Loggers only weighs 95 grams and fits in the palm of your hand. Simply log in to the app to set alerts and view your data that is then accessible from your iPad, iMac, and iPhone. With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, sending your temperature data to our secure cloud servers requires no input from nurses/vaccination facilitators.

With cloud-based software, you’re guaranteed 24/7 easy access to all your data, automated warnings and alerts, iOS application support, and the bonus of mobile recording; perfect for pop-up hubs and corporate vaccination programs. If you want to know more information about the Fluger Data Loggers and how they can improve your vaccination storage process reach out to us via phone or email. Fluger Data Loggers record and monitor vaccine temperature when stored correctly in your portable cooler, reducing the burden on nurses and ensuring vaccine safety.

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